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Beyond The Scoot: A Big Toda From Roxy Vespa!

This image was created in the vain of Gawker’s ‘Zooey Wowie’ posts.

First and foremost, Thank You, to all who have subscribed to the blog or have read the posts here! I really enjoy what you have each brought to this blog. You all help give me the incentive to strive towards creating and crafting better articles because of your fabulousness. If you have any subjects of photos you would like to request, please let me know. Also any and comments are always appreciated. 

But of course: Woo hoo, for kitsch vespa photos. 

To note: I am very sorry about the bugs and repeat posts/emails this past week (or ever). WordPress seems not to be so pleased with RoxyVespa lately. Thanks for sticking around and promise to do my best and avoid that kind of clutter from now on.

So in other news,

I have been kind of hesitant to reply to any “awards” that other bloggers have nominated RoxyVespa for, because I thought it might open up a space in my blog that I prefer to try to stay away from.  Nevertheless, I have been due for a THANK YOU (to you!) post and thought I might as well give a shout out to a few blogs/bloggers here also.

Shout out to these fabulous bloggers who gave me an award,

*, Thanks for the Sunshine Award!  She is the best kind of book nerd there is! 

*, Thanks for the One Lovely Blog Award! She is a scooter-chic too! 

A Few Thanks for the Versatile Blogger Award (3x):

**, Toda, yoush! This girl has the food scene in Israel down. She have some great recommendations for restaurant here and she has proven trustworthy in her recommendations. 

**,  Sarah’s blog just makes me feel farm fuzzies. She is a terrific person all around, who knows how to incorporate bacon into just about any meal!  She also does the sass thing like nobody else. XOX.

**, Thanks again for the award! I finally got to posting it! Seems you have received a few awards recently also. Mazel tov. 

You are supposed to do a list things about you next and I thought I would take that space instead to update everyone on the future of the blog (short-term future, at least): 

I am traveling stateside soon! Weeee! I will be away from Israel (and the vespa) from mid-June till mid-October. I am not really sure what I plan to do with the blog in the meantime, as my pretty little Roxy shall hang around the kibbutz this summer, gathering dust. I might update with “Beyond The Scoot” posts from time to time or, really, who knows what tangents might appear here. Any thoughts? I know that I want to return to Israel with the goal to keep on with my vespa adventures, so I hope that you’ll stick around and experience those with me.

 A few random ideas buzzing about my head concerning the trip:

*Viva New Orleans!! Who dat!

*I can’t wait to eat Chick-fil-A again. ( Politics be damned: their food is amazing!) My mom picks me up from the airport with bags of Chick-fil-A in tow. She is fabulous.

*Cannot wait to see my Bella Bird (above photo). She is the bestest little pup around and my heart misses her general goofiness.

*Excited about getting a new camera. I have been unable to really get much done because of relentless camera problems (from mine and those I have borrowed), and I cannot wait to go shopping for a new one and some more glass. If anyone has any suggestions of cameras they use and have been really happy with, please share!

Just because: If you are a big Eurovision person, this is the song picked for Israel this year. The video is a great visual tour of Tel Aviv that I also thought some of you might enjoy:


The next step in the award thing is to recommend a certain amount of blogs to pass on the award on to, that you believe deserves it. I don’t really want to burden anyone by passing it on (some people find it annoying), so I’ll just give a general shout out to some very groovy people/blogs:

*, “MsBehaved is a women’s interest site founded by Sarah Saxon offering candid perspectives from writers diverse in age, background, lifestyle and socioeconomic status.”  They just do it all so well. I’ll also give another Shout Out to them later in the day, for RV’s Mother’s Day post, as they will be posting many articles about these fabulous woman we call “mom” throughout the day today.  Check them out!

*, Andrea and I met in the Ulpan Class and just seemed to have a lot of strange (but cool)  things in common. Lefties unit! She is one of the kindest and most genuine human beings I’ve come to meet and lucky call a close friend. Her blog is a testament to her strength and sincerity in all that she does in her life and who she is for those that know her.

*, Edith is a fellow photographer, but hers include a wider range than little ‘ol vespaa. Edith has been around since the blog started and I have really appreciated her support and kindness! I owe her a vespa adventure trip to the beach in Bat Yam too. Check out her amazing work over at her site!

*, Kaori is also one of the first bloggers from the start-up days and I really connected with her posts about feeling a little foreign here in Israel. Sometimes it can be somewhat lonely and her posts really cheer me up sometimes. Thanks K!

*, The FIRST RoxyVespa subscriber: Alex Pliopas. This guy is just an all around cool human being, who just easily connects with people around him. He is able to open them up and get people to share their stories with him so naturally. I really dig this dude and send a massive hug to him way across the ocean in Brazil. Plus! He just become a new owner of a bike! Mazel tov! …Miss you around these parts.

*Guilty Pleasure: And just because I am human, These women tell it like it is (in the celeb gossip world) and I think that should be how more of life is….. PR or No PR, the truth shall set you free. 

P.S. If you are a gingie, you’ll absolutely love this little ginger blog I found:! The woes of a fellow ginger is something I can absolutely sympathize with. (And her tweets are really funny too.) Yay gingies!

Again, thanks for all of love from everyone who visits this blog: you rule.

Keep on keepin’ on, y’all! Have a great weekend. 

About kaie w. bird

A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

5 responses to “Beyond The Scoot: A Big Toda From Roxy Vespa!

  1. lostdododesigns ⋅

    I love you lady!

  2. EllaDee

    Congratulations on all the awards. I’m glad you were able to accept & share your own nomimations. I’m already checking them out 🙂

    • I saw you comment on MsBehave! Yay! Sarah really has put together a great site over there with a growing collection of fabulous writers! On the other end of the spectrum of the blogosphere, is that BoHo site (link up there) about celebrity gossip that ditches all the PR BS they try to serve out. I really like reading their post and they really know high fashion ects. You might like it, if you ever need a gossip-type site and dislike Perez.

  3. kaori

    Congrats on all your awards and thank you for the warm shout out 🙂 I have to be honest to say that I envy your little get away from Israel! Enjoy your time at home. (And your adorable pup!) I hope you will update your blog from time to time!

    • Hehehe, Bella (my little cutie) is the best. Thanks! ….and I really am in need of a break from the local chutzpah. I am sure you know what I mean. 😉

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