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Photo WIN The Day: Vespa Chic NYC

This is a stunning photo of a woman with gear, who rides: 

You go girl. Get your ride on.

From The Satorialist

Read some of the comments below the photo over there, as there are some great remarks. What a fabulous photo, based in reality… with a touch of fantasy. Love it. 

I had to throw in some of the comments on the page, because they are great:

“J’adore! I love that she still looks sexy even while covered up. I also like that it has an air of elegance to it.”

“Oh my! Those boots’ heels are unreal! Did she REALLY ride that Vespa in them? Stunning outfit!”

“I don’t normally think of “sexy” and “Vespa” as going together in the same sentence, but this shot changes that! Fabulous!”

“sizzle! love the way that this hardcore -biker-chick-look has a hint of elegance and sophistication to it!

“If I had a motorbike, or knew how to bike, that is exactly how I’d want to look!!”

“amazing amazing amazing. love the textures and proportions! this makes me want to get a Vespa “

“What a badass picture of a scooter chick! I love it!”

“Great photo. Stunningly beautiful woman! Badass and beautiful at the same time. (The manufacturer of the Vespa could make a fortune by using this picture.)”

P.S. Cody Horn, possibly?

About kaie w. bird

A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

One response to “Photo WIN The Day: Vespa Chic NYC

  1. love the pic, love the vespa, and love the style of the rider 😀

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