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fantasy is not reality. 
Just in case y’all forgot, 

fantasy is not reality. 

This photo is currently being passed along the FB Scooter/Vespa pages, and I couldn’t resist displaying it here. She is a beauty to be sure, but OUCH! Brought to you by the guys over @MenPeopleWhoWon’tScootWithoutTonsofGearOnNutEpectWomenToLookLikeThis. Fantasy, shmanty: I look good with gear on and think that it is responsible to present another aspect of women who [really] ride. Any of you have photos out on rides with your gear on and want to show the world how it is done, please email me your photo. Let’s show ’em the sexy reality of our world: 

I also posted over at the International Female Ride Day – Global Facebook page, calling for those women riders to send some photos, if they were okay with that, of them with their gear on. Hopefully in a week or so, I’ll have a whole lot of examples of real women who are sexy in their gear and actually ride their motorcycles/vespa/scooters/moped/dirt bikes. Here is what I posted on the IFRD FB page,

“Hey all you lovelies!! I was wondering if any of you would be interested in sharing photos of yourself and your ride with me for a little blog I write (over at wordpress, Roxyvespa)? I really want to show people that it is possible for women to look hella’ sexy and still be safe on rides by wearing gear. (As opposed to … heels and uh, little else?) If anyone wants to sent over their photo and credits(blog or email to list with photo), that would be soooo great. I want to show people that all these pin ups (and their lack of safety gear) hinder women riders and reality. Email me here, I can answer any questions also that you might have regarding the post. Hope that, together, we can show all these people that women with gear are sexy and that reality calls for safety beyond those heels and short-shorts. You can wait till after the ride, as well, to send the photos. I just really want to show people a better idea of what reality is for WOMEN WHO RIDE, beyond posing for photos for the menz. Thanks everyone who considers it.”

Hope to receive some e-mails! (Update: I already have a few! Yesh!)

4 responses to “Just in case you forgot,

  1. Reminds me of what I saw yesterday here in Washington, DC. A rather fashionable and beautiful lady in a flowing flowery summer dress, stylish short blonde hairstyle, and smart sunglasses pulling up curbside to one of the swank hotels on her brown Vespa. She quickly and nonchelantly unbuckled her helmet, stashed it under the seat, and strode into the lobby. Quite a site indeed!

  2. the chick is hot as her toy L”L

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