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Vespa Adventures: Ya’ar HaMeginim Poppy Fields Part 1

Sometimes you come across something by accident and realize how lucky you were to witness the beauty, 

Because the next day, you might not be able to appreciate it in the same way: 

It was completely by chance that I ran into the field of poppies while out on a ride, a few days ago. I have been to the Ya’ar HaMeginim before, but the flowers were not yet in bloom and I wasn’t aware a few of the fields were to blossom as such. The park is a really great place to ride in usually because there isn’t a lot of people around- at least on the visits I’ve been there. But finding out there were fields of poppies made it another favorite place to visit, so I was hoping to go back the next day and get more footage and shots, only to arrive and see that most of the field had been mowed over. It was a sad moment and I couldn’t understand why the land owner wouldn’t want to keep such beauty around. Then I remembered how lucky I was to arrive just in time to really appreciate the beauty that was possible in this place and in some respects honor that beauty. Sometimes you need to realize that the time you have is only the ‘here and now’, so take full advantage of these present moments while you have them… because they aren’t always a guarantee for later.

Here are more photos of various flower shots from the field, before it was mowed over, 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I plan on writing up at least one more in depth post about this particular park, since it is an absolute gem for bikers, hikers, and riders. There are all sorts of trails and there are also a great many statues and art pieces found on the different paths throughout the park. I will most likely post this second part next week (-if I can’t get to it sooner). I hope that you enjoyed these photos and remember not to take for granted those things and people around you that you sometimes forget to appreciate properly. Cheers!

About kaie w. bird

A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

4 responses to “Vespa Adventures: Ya’ar HaMeginim Poppy Fields Part 1

  1. It was also lucky that you had your camera with you! I would have been really disappointed too, to find the poppies gone, but you put a positive spin on it, Katie. Thank you!

    • Thank you for visiting and I just wanted to write a little something about being present since a lot of people seem to take things for granted. Me, as a prime example of this. 😉 Cheers! And enjoy Italy!

  2. Spectra

    That really is so beautiful a scene – so very like Monet’s paintings of his wife and son strolling through french country side poppy fields.

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