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Ladyvespas: fierceness defined. 

 (Photo Credit: taken from the article, AARON HARRIS/FOR THE TORONTO STAR.)

I am so happy that, slowly, more and more articles about woman scooterists/motorcyclist are being written that takes the focus away from them as  sex symbols and more towards them being seen as regular riders and respected as such. I recently saw this one article posted by the Vespa Americas FB Page and wanted to share it here:

Scooter style: How to look good but avoid road rash. 

The best bits of the article, 

“The latest Guess ad campaign features supermodel Claudia Schiffer — wearing leggings, black bra and light jacket — on a Vespa. New York designer Kate Spade, meanwhile, previewed her 2012 spring collection, which featured graphic prints and a custom Vespa to match.

Neither Hepburn nor Schiffer, of course, was ever at risk of contracting road rash, the name given to the painful abrasions produced when bare skin meets ground at high speed.

But it’s road rash and worse that concern Vicki Gray, a Toronto motorcycle instructor, entrepreneur and “scooter advocate,” when she sees some of the apparel choices — shorts and flip flops come to mind — of scooter riders across the GTA.

“I would love to be able to dress as stylishly as Hepburn in Roman Holiday or as many European scooter riders do today, but it is not practical nor safe in Toronto or North America,” she says.

Since returning to Toronto six years ago, she says she’s been appalled by the preponderance of “lousy drivers,” many with no regard for two-wheelers.

“In Europe, cars expect to see and share the road with motorcycles and scooters,” says Gray. She lived abroad for 20 years and raced motorcycles around the world.

Female scooter riders — and there are a growing number of them — should wearing protective gear and clothing that’s visible to motorists, says Gray. “If you do go down, you want to be able to get back up.'”

The last bit is really good to see: you want to be able to get back up. I was really happy with the various aspects that were covered in this post and very happy that it was passed around via Vespa FB page. Vicki also has her own website,, “which features products for ‘women who ride,’ including a cosmetic line and clothing that is feminine yet offers protection. Gray is answering a need for women who want stylish apparel.” And I applaud her for her efforts.

When I visited her web site I found out about International Female Ride Day  , which I have never before heard of and am really excited to pass along the details to you:

“For 2012 our 6th International Female Ride Day 4 May is the date! It was in 2007 where the days fell on the 4th – we’ve come around again!The day’s theme has not changed – “JUST RIDE!” is the mission and women riders everywhere have planned events, rides and how they’ll personally spend the day, already! To say this happening is small would be an understatement! This year we’ll be implementing two new programs. One where an award will be given for the photo uploaded on our facebook page; receiving the highest number of likes. The other award will go into our new “IFRD Special Ride of the Year” area.
Stay tuned for details on both of these.

As women riders united around the world on this one day, we underline once again that this is what has given strength to bringing awareness and unifying women in motorcycling – while encouraging others. Therefore, any event or ride on any other date is certainly not International Female Ride Day. Please review the details within our website regarding International Female Ride Day and be sure to stay in touch here with the news to get the entire buzz approaching this colossal event!

That is pretty cool- really cool. It all makes me want to have my own little vespa gang even more now. I believe the Israeli Vespa Club only has one other fellow ladyvespa, so when I join this year that makes TWO of us! Weee. I am very glad to report that I have seen more and more of the ladies out on their various scooter-type vehicles lately, as the weather is improving. (Represent.) This is very good to see and makes me happy that they are doing their thing. I really want to create an event for Israel, but I think I might be the only one to attend. Although, I keep reading over at that Israel is one of the countries that participates, so maybe there already is something here planned(?). I need better networking skills here, at least in this area. I did inspire the younger siblings in my partner’s family to buy 3 used moped-type things and I hope to someday we create a family gang of scooters. (Oh yeah.)  But they seem doubtful that all three will be able to be fixed though, so who knows. Maybe in the between time, I’ll find some other vespas to ride with.
Otherwise, who needs a gang? I really enjoy riding out alone and bringing the fierceness that only a red vespa and sass can bring to theses Israeli roads. Anyway, hope you enjoy reading the vespa news above and have a great start to your week. Cheers!

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  1. International female ride day? Somehow i like the sound of that! Hell’s Granny’s look out!

  2. Yah, they had banned me for spamming, but it was a mistake on their part – they apologized, but what of the 1,000 page views i missed out on? Thanks for noticing!

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