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Save Gas This Summer: Become A Vespa Driver!

Mileage and Gas Consumption:

I have been recording my mileage and gas consumption on this blog since my first fill up and have been so happy with my decision to buy. Every time I pull up to the gas station and look at the totals from the previous car that had just used the pump, I always throw a little solo dance party because those numbers are extreme (-and mine are so tiny when compared). Depending on your car, it takes about 300 to 600 NIS(big tank there!) to fill up a fall tank here. That is about $80 to $160 USD! Whew. (The most common car driven in Israel is the Mazda 3 and it takes just above 300NIS to fill the tank, but I’ve seen many pump reach close to the 600 NIS range.) Sometimes, after a day of driving where it seems like every car is out to get me, I need a reminder why driving a vespa is so great and these moments at the gas pump do just the trick, I’ll tell you.

I’ve been to the tank five times since my last post about mileage and gas consumption and here are the new numbers broken down for you: 

Totals for the past five tanks:
Road  430 kms / 267 miles,
with 20 liters / 5.3 gals,
and I spent a total of 160NIS / $42.69 – with the average liter costing around 3.75.

Pretty good. 

Add that to the previous total I’ve spent on gas and it comes to 546NIS ($146) for 16 full tanks. The total I have driven now is 1691 kms, which is about 1051 miles for just under $150. My Prius back in the states ain’t got a thing on this little machine of love.

Click here for past the Mileage and Gas Consumption posts.

So, it looks like only now have I spent as much money on gas(16 full vespa tanks) as most people with cars here in Israel would on one lone tank (or maybe two)! Cool. And I’ve gone just about anywhere I could go with a car, with a few modifications or slower speeds. I also finally tried out self-service on a few of these past few tanks and found out that I was able to get almost a full tank for 30NIS. I admit to felling bit smug going in there and giving the person only 30 shekels because I’m sure that isn’t often that case in that store. If you read this and want to ask any questions, please do. Mind you, I’m no expert but I can try to answer what I can and then try and help you find the info you need. Email:

Oh! And the next post will be a shout out to a wonderful reader who sent me over some scooter related photos. If any of y’all have scooters/vespas/motorcycles and want to share them with RV, that would be great! Also if you come across any in your travels or daily life and want to send those, please do. I’ll give you a shout out in the post as well, of course. = )

Happy riding. Cheers y’all!

About kaie w. bird

A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

4 responses to “Save Gas This Summer: Become A Vespa Driver!

  1. 50 miles per gallon sounds low for a Vespa – are you sure your spark plugs are clean and firing properly? Filters new and clean?

    • I know. I took it in the shop about a week ago, but I think I missed something in translation. I was thinking the same also. That is one thing about this whole ordeal that isn’t my cup of tea: the responsibility of becoming the mechanic. I… am just not one of those types who can work magic with cars. Let alone scooters/vespas. That was one part I wasn’t aware of when I bought it. I am pretty sure I need to change the filters.

  2. This blog is making me BEYOND excited to invest in a Vespa!

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