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Pinups for the Ladies: Updated with more menz!

Who said men on vespas aren’t sexy? 

Or at least, adorable?

So what if riding a vespa isn’t considered “mainly”? (Of course, this is pointed to the culture of the states rather than anywhere else. And I personally like the metrosexual tendencies myself.) Does that not mean that there are not those out there who want to see some eye candy of this particular kind?

Well, shalom to you. I think more of this would be good for world peace, don’t you? 

But of course, there is no lack of this for the guys to view:

I mean, if it is so easy to produce endless shots of woman being sexy on vespas (like this photo above), why not return the favor? We like our eye candy too! I searched the web looking for images for us to lust after, but this task proved to be rather fruitless. Mostly this is what you get when you search for men on vespas:


My point is that if there is a will there is a way. So even if your counter-argument is “but men on vespas cannot be sexy (!!)”, it is only because we aren’t producing images to break those stereotypes. ‘Cause they can look damn good on those machines.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So where is all the skin, fellas?! Nu, yalla: if you are a male model in the Israel area, contact me. We will do our part to change that. Hehe.

Oh and because it is my favorite one I found in the search today,

 Matisyahu on a vespa!! 

About kaie w. bird

A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

8 responses to “Pinups for the Ladies: Updated with more menz!

  1. Fun post. You were really having trouble posting this?

    • Haha… yeah. Hoping no one really saw all that mess. It seems to do that when I post something I care about more. Irony. It has done that a lot to me on here. Anyways, finally it let me get everyone up! = )

  2. You have fair points! But what else can I do beside saying so? I don’t have a Vespa.. I don’t have any super model male friend…. and if I take a picture with ME near a motorcicle… the sales of this particular model would instantly drop. My non-feminist theory for the relative abundance of pictures with sexy pictures with girls on Vespas is…. it’s a lot easier to find a pretty GIRL around! 😉 ok ok, I’m not explaining anything here… =( may be I just should not comment anything on this post! 😉 But, anyway, since I’m already talking here… I don’t believe in your theory. I don’t believe there’s a lot more pictures of sexy girls on Vespas… could you somehow PROVE it? like… show the pictures! =P =P ok ok…. time for me to go back to my work 😉 see ya!

  3. Brass Peacock ⋅

    I hope you find yourself a handsome male model so we girls can have more vespa eye candy!! it’s a revolution 🙂

    • Hehehe, truth. No local models have reached out to me yet. Maybe I need to bring the ‘pa to the beach and just scout them. It would be tough work, but someones got to do it. = )

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