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Friday Vespa News Roundup: Vespa Quarantasei 946, Israeli Vespa Club Meeting, amongst Other Goodies.

Here is a bag of goodies to start your weekend off just right: 

The Vespa Lifestyle, where it’s at. (-two turn tables and a microphone!) 

Israeli Vespa Club to kick off the riding season with style: (translated, with help from google translate, from Hebrew)

Hello club members,
With the arrival of summer, summer opening session meeting which will take place on Friday, 04.05.2012 starting at 13:30 in Jappo wine bar and restaurant located in Old Jaffa square (Kikar Kedumim 9).
Old Jaffa park entrance for those coming with a car payment.
The program:• Meeting friends
• Light refreshments and drinks
• Viewing and Vespas members
• Launching and Vespas after renovationAnd, most importantly, fabulous atmosphere of the place in Old Jaffa  Anyone interested in the couch after launch and remodeling is requested to send us an email with the details until Friday, 04.28.2012 (model, Yearbook, and a phone call).
Participation involves a minimal fee of 10 ₪, the display will be allowed entry onto the only Vespa.Take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Happy Passover.See you at the meeting!
Oren and Elad.
More details on:

Check out the FB Event page, if interested: Israeli Vespa First Ride of 2012 Facebook Event

In other news, have you seen the upcoming new 2013 vespa model? It’s a real looker:

UPDATE: This might arrive within the next couple of years or it might not. The news from various scooter blogs keeps changing and there isn’t much news from the official sources about it staying a concept nor moving towards production.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The game changer: Vespa Quarantasei, now known as the Vespa 946. This sexy Vespa 946 (aka Quarantasei, 46 in Italian), has being confirmed for the North American market late 2012 or even 2013. The Vespa 946 represents the new generation of Vespa scooters.The Vespa 946 will have a choice of 125 and 150cc single cylinder 3 valve air-cooled powerplants. Piaggio claims that the 125cc produces a maximum output of 11.7hp at 8250rpm and the 150cc version 13hp at 8000rpm. 

Two great articles about this fabulous looking machine: Scooter File and Motor/Scooter Guide Article. I, personally, am quite tempted by this model and can’t wait to check it out when it finally arrives. It speaks to me.

Although I came across a company that restores old vespas and sells them, which is ultimately better than buying a new one that “looks” like a vintage model, right? Classic is always the better choice, I believe. The company is called All Vespa. You can custom order or order what they have in stock or for sale already. If I were in the states and located in an urban area, it would be hard not to buy one of these beauties from them. Check them out and you won’t be disappointed: Über impressive. Plus they ship world-wide!

Alas, one more fan site that I’ve found and want to give a shout-out to: The Posers Scooter Club. A great blog of vespa fanatics in Gauteng, South Africa. Nice! And a lot great photo collection of their rides plus great posts about our beloved vespa community and lifestyle.

Tov, all you out there have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves! Cheers. 

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A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

4 responses to “Friday Vespa News Roundup: Vespa Quarantasei 946, Israeli Vespa Club Meeting, amongst Other Goodies.

  1. kaori

    LOVE the drawing on the first poster.

    Enjoy the Vespa gathering, how awesome! Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Yay! Thanks yoush. Wow, today was so beautiful here in Israel, right? Wow, I am so happy for the time change finally and all these extra sunshine hours. I don’t think I’ve seen it ever this colourful (from all the wild flowers) here before, so I am very thankful for all the rain we received this winter. Trying to enjoy the diverse array of colours before it all fades to that icky burnt yellow for summer. I hope yours was lovely as well!

  2. Brass Peacock ⋅

    Do a lot of people in Israel have Vespas? I’m not crazy about the new model…

    • I mostly see them in Tel Aviv, as well as many more women drivers there. There are tons of other types of scooters/mopeds/motorcycles and tons of dude riding them, but I have seen a few other women riders as well around Rehovot and non-TA. I flip flop on the new design it seems. When I first saw it, I was a bit reserved. Then I saw it again and loved it. If I could choose between it and a restored, I think I would go for the classic model instead of the new model that tried to imitate it.

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