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Vespa Adventures: Elah Valley, Spring in Israel Photos

The Elah Valley, otherwise known as the place where David beat Goliath in the Bible, 

I cannot share with you enough how beautiful Israel is during the Spring. It is almost another country completely during this time of the year. I found myself in a somewhat historic place this weekend, but I mostly enjoyed the beauty of the place more than picking a stone to keep like the tourist tend to do.


The valley of Elah is a triangle-shaped flat valley, located on the western edge of the Judah low hills. Its Hebrew name, Elah, is named after the Terebinth (Pistacia palaestina) tree. This valley was an important corridor from the coast cities,  up to the center of the land Judah and its cities – Bethlehem, Hebron and Jerusalem. The valley of Elah was also the place of the famous Biblical battle between young David and the Giant Goliath, one of the classic Biblical drama stories. According to the Bible, the Philistines were located on the south side of the valley, while the Israelites watched the battle on the north side. 

This site has tons of information, with photos and great maps, more specific than I have time to make if you are more interested in the biblical aspects of this area. As you can see from the photos over there, the winter rains really do spice the place up visually:

Oh, Israel: you so pretty.

Click the following link if you’re in the mood to watch the little video I made from footage of my visit:

 RoxyVespa: Valley of Elah, Spring in Israel

I went ahead and shot some video of this lovely place, so if you don’t get motion sickness take a peak at it. The best parts start around 2.00, if you do get rather sick from a lot of moving around in videos or if you just don’t really like Coldplay.I tend to listen to Coldplay a lot I’ve noticed when out on the vespa drives and was wondering what everyone else likes to listen to when they are out either riding or driving? What helps you focus or passes the time? Do you have a playlist for drives? Which bands or artists do you enjoy listening to on the road? Let me know! Maybe we can help one another make some new playlists to enjoy. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Cheers.

4 responses to “Vespa Adventures: Elah Valley, Spring in Israel Photos

  1. Looks like Newfoundland! Beautiful pictures – amazing what a camera and a laptop can do, eh!

  2. Linda

    Beautiful – thanks for sharing!

  3. ShimonZ

    Beautiful pictures… and this valley is one of my favorites… not far from home. I plan to spend some time walking around there soon… enjoying spring.

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