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Sunny Photos from Spring Days, via Israel

Nothing better with weather like this than a ride, to the beach,

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This week I took another ride down to the Rishon Le-Zion beach, because the drive there is so enjoyable. (Plus any ride that ends at the Mediterranean Sea couldn’t disappoint.)  This time there were people sitting at the various cafes, enjoying the sunshine. Spring is indeed upon us and those empty beaches (to enjoy all to yourself) are a distant memory. I was pretty proud of my little vespa sand sketch (above). You’ve got to love a beach with that many shells! I can’t get over the beauty of the place. If you want more info about this beach, read my earlier article about it here.

I am a walking commercial for Vespa, but I don’t mind at all.

I know that my point is to avoid politics in this blog, but sometimes you see something and can’t refuse.

This is the ‘Israel loves Iran” and “Iran loves Israel” Facebook movement that started this past weekend when Ronny Edry and his wife Michal Tamir, together with “Pushpin Mehina”, make images and uploaded them to the deal ‘ol facebook. It has now been seen and reported by various news sources around the world and people (for every corner of the world) have sent in their photo and love. I was hesitant to add this photo, because I don’t want to add this dimension to the blog, but this whole happening is so moving and profound. Thus, here it is.

Social Media is the bestest, sometimes: People don’t support the wars their governments insist upon: and , ,

If you add one to the facebook page and want to post yours here (in the comments or send it via e-mail), please do! That would be awesome.

Always, with peace. 

We were taking a walk around the city yesterday and came upon this ‘ol beauty  just off the street (!!!). I just wanted to tease you with it here, as I’ll include more photos and details of the pretty little forgotten machine later next week. I plan on taking a trip with the ‘pa to the kibbutz this weekend and hopefully getting some filming done. Maybe the quality will be better this time, so I can show you some footage  from the Judean Hill area. I’ll also try to get a post ready for another vespa adventures:  Abu Gosh- the Best Hummas in Israel. Till then, everyone have a very lovely end of the week and weekend. Now, out to enjoy the nicest day of Spring here yet: yalla, bye!

Oh, P.S. Here is a fun little news segment about people buying scooters in the states as gas prices soar nearer to summer, And here is a poor news reporter not having the best of luck live, trying to ride a scooter:

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A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

7 responses to “Sunny Photos from Spring Days, via Israel

  1. Yay spring!! And love the political picture, even though I know you don’t want to go there on this blog, it’s great that you took one with your vespa!

  2. Having lived in Canada all my life, I can’t imagine for a minute what it’s like living in a constant war zone!

    • Yeah, Canada is so cool like that. When I was traveling around Europe, I always loved meeting people from Canada. Everyone loved you guys. And those little badges of honor on the bags, so funny and great. The thing is that many moments are, for some, very normal, everyday kind of moments. Till something happens that isn’t normal for most but “normal” for many here. It has been something to adjust to. Life here is a bit less hectic then it is makes out to be, but of course that also depends on who you ask and their location. Anyways, Canadians are awesome! = )

  3. Hi there! Just an observation… you wrote…. This is the ‘Israel loves Iran” and “Iran loves Iran” so in your description Iran ended up as being a bit more egocentric…. =P

    I didn’t know about these movements, but it’s lovely… It’s long gone the times when a whole people wanted to fight the unknown ones from anoter city, country or whatever… now we should have politicians and may be some big-business guys fighting among themselves, leaving people in peace! 🙂

  4. ShimonZ

    Everything looks beautiful here. Enjoy the spring!

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