Vespa Adventures, Photos Around Neve Shalom

Today was another adventure without a set destination that ended up taking me to a new location ‘abloom in beauty and views. I like venturing out on these sorts of road trips because you don’t have any expectations of what you’ll come across and that is where the fun begins. (Of course, I always have my handy-dandy map in the bucket for those times when I get too confident with my adventures… and get lost.) Lately I have been taking the 411 Road West, out of Rehovot towards Jerusalem, because that road is both stunningly beautiful right now and fun to drive. Today when I arrived at the 3 Highway, I decided to go with the turn that lead to the Neve Shalom village and see what was going on there.

I wasn’t aware, at the time, that the place I was driving to was the first settlement (village) in Israel where both Jews and Arabs (Israeli-Arabs) specifically choose to live together, peacefully, to show that it was a possible feat. I did notice that there were tons of buses going to and from the village and a lot of people were honking and waving at me while I was taking photos along the road, so maybe it is worth a trip back to further explore. I did see a cafe and a cute looking B & B  close to the entrance, so I assume they get plenty of tourists. Continue reading