Vespa Chic, Vespa Messenger Bag and Driving in Tel Aviv

My New Vespa Flare, 

Yesterday was my first drive into Tel Aviv on the ‘pa. I only went there with one aim: to look at the Marni Collection at H&M.  I somehow ended up with nothing from that store, but a lot of little things from various others I wasn’t aware existed. To note, what was left at the store wasn’t worth all the buzz I’ve seen and heard about the [Marni] collection. It is overpriced, over sized, and cheaply made (-so therefore looks horribly cheap). They didn’t have any of the jewelry, so I can’t really say much about that side of the collection. (I admit to being a bit in love with the little white flower necklace, but wasn’t able to find it.) So instead of buying anything from there, I wondered around trying to only window shop. Of course that only worked for a brief second or so. I’ve been scouting the web for cute vepsa related accessories for a while but haven’t seen anything I couldn’t live without. Then I passed this one store and noticed a pair of cute shoes first, which drew me inside where my eyes landed on the collection of various vespa bags! I almost broke out into a happy dance because I’ve already seen so many of those bags online and didn’t think I would see them in Israel for sale- anywhere! I might have drove the sales guy crazy since I wanted to look closer at half of the bags till I found the one:

the one that must be mine,

It is cool, chic, and effortless.  A brown washed leather with a few details placed around it as to get your attention but not outdo itself. I never really understood why women like bags with all that hardware. It makes the bag look cheap and bulky. You don’t need all that around to drawl in attention, or at least the attention you want.  The bag should have been designed well enough to not need all of that ‘glitter and gold’. Perfect example being the Sofia Coppola LV bag.

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