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Vespanomics, Gas and Mile Facts

Mileage and Fuel,

Tov, I have filled up my tank five times since last writing about the mileage I am getting on the ‘pa. Gas prices have also gone up here in Israel around the 1st of March. The price changed from around 3NIS to 7NIS.- always closer to the far sides of those numbers of course.  I have paid about  167 NIS  ($46) for 22 liters (5.8 gal) in those five fill ups. I drove around 565 km (351 miles) and ranged around 26 kms per liter, varying around 63 miles per gallon. When I think about how many miles I get back in the states with my Prius, the vespa is doing pretty awesome. Yofi.


I have now spent around 387 NIS ($107.50) for 11 full tanks, and I have driven a total of 1261kms ( which would be around 432.5 mi).

In other news, 


I spent more money then I planned on spending yesterday at the grocery store and ended up with a lot of stuff. Now, if your little vespa has a “boot” then you have extra storage and this ‘ain’t no thing”. BUT I don’t and had to improvise. Luckily, I wasn’t too far from home so balancing these bags was a short task. I was so happy when I got home with everything still on my person/vespa. I made my partner take a photo with the beloved Tim Tams. (It was my first time to eat these, a travesty I know.) They are amazing! I don’t know if you can exactly get a feel of how much junk is in those four ‘little’ bags for one ‘pa and the rider, but it a lot of stuff believe me.  I placed the white bag (the most heavy one with cans and the like) on the floor board tied to the little bag clip on the seat. I placed the plastic sack with the peppers and bread under the seat in the bucket. The bag was around my back and I clipped on the little red and white bag on to that, so it was kind of hanging on the side there. (Ekkss!)

But I made it. Oh yeah. (Won’t do it again. Probably will.)

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A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

2 responses to “Vespanomics, Gas and Mile Facts

  1. Just a first glance at your blog, Kaie, but I love what you are doing! Be safe and happy traveling.

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