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Vespa Adventures: Purim Parade in Holon 2012, The Adeloyada

The Adeloyada,

The country’s largest Purim parade marked its 20th anniversary this past Thrusday in Holon, Israel. This year’s theme was “Tastes of Childhood”: with around 6,000 disguised participants and many colorful floats that displayed everything kids love to eat, from ice-cream to lollipops to hot dogs, marching to the rallying cry of “Ochel, kadima ochel” (roughly translated as: “bring on the food” or “food, come on, food”). The main float was a slightly more gourmet display that had representations of the Israeli master chefs Aharoni, Shaul Ben Aderet, Moshe Segev and Eyal Shani. The parade was sponsored by Nickolodeon and the Food Channel, and Bob Sponge was able to join the celebration accompanied by the winners of the channel’s kid’s recipe competition. There was even a nod to current politics with a display of dairy products with a huge cow at the center, energetically milked by Bibi and Lieberman.

From Holon’s Municipality web site (,

“The Adeloyada – the largest Purim parade in the country – takes place every year in Holon and is the climax of communal and organizational activity taking place in the city throughout the year.

Thousands of marchers participate in the parade, which has a different theme every year. The marchers include Holon’s schoolchildren, students in various classes at the city’s community centers and sports and cultural centers; groups of gymnasts, acrobats and jugglers; dance troupes and musical ensembles; street theater groups, and, of course, the enormous colorful floats, which are the most exciting and impressive part of the event. Guests from all over Israel and even from abroad come to march in the Adeloyada.

There is a great article about the women who make the parade happen every year here, Israel’s Favorite People.

The Adeloyada winds its way through Holon’s main streets in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators of all ages. Usually the parade ends with a performance and a colorful and particularly merry street party at the plaza in front of the municipality.
From the end of the Adeloyada until after Purim, the Adeloyada floats remain on display at the Mediatheque Plaza for the enjoyment of passersby.”

Adloyada Holon is one of the biggest Purim events in Israel, a massive carnival that will take place in 2012 for the twentieth time in the city of Holon, just south of Tel Aviv. The event is great for kids, and will take place on March 8 from 12pm. The Adloyada Parade will march from Sokolov Weizmann Street at the corner of Golomb. At 11am, before the official event, a theatrical show titled “warming crowd” will run. Entrance to the event is free.

Adloyada Holon features over 6,000 participants, including large exhibits and moving floats, hundreds of artists, actors, performers, dancers, gymnasts, and more, will pass through the streets, saluting the 2012 theme – food that kids love to eat. At the end of the parade will be  a huge party with music, acrobatics and pyrotechnics in the square in front of the Holon Municipality in Weizmann Street.”

What is all this about, you ask? Well, Purim is the Jewish Halloween and it is one hell of a celebration, here at least. The holiday really is a good time had by just about everyone (even the ultra Orthodox!). there are some really clever costumes that you will find every year and I might have to say it is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate- and even more so since moving here to Israel. Here is an explanation of all the religious history of exactly what Purim is if you want to know more about the actual holiday meaning,


As I mentioned above, everyone adores this holiday. It is a mitzvah to get as drunk as you can and you will see even the Orthodox gettin’ down and drunk during the celebrations. (It is also a great time to get amazing photos in some places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get photos.) In some places around the country the holiday has become a week long affair: ahem, Tel Aviv, who even throws a annual “Zombie Walk” at night. I really believe that Purim brings out the best in people and you can just feel the tension, from living in this country, slide away. If you are ever able to visit Israel during this time, you should certainly try and attend some of the parties through the country and wish those you meet, “Purim Sameach!”

UPDATE: I just found this and had to post it here because it is awesome. 

One last update: Found a great blog that had me giggling from the post about Purim, I Love You, Halloween- But Purim Wins.

Love to hear some of your thoughts below!

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