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A few favorite photos from this weekend’s ride,

This photo was taken during a walk around the Bet Gemal Monastry in Israel ( located outside of  Bet Shemesh). 

The two photos of the vespa were taken on the ride today from one of the local vineyards on Road 411, outside of Rehovot. 

This sunshine has been embraced by the locals and everyone seems to be outside enjoying it somehow. It is so good to see everyone on their own adventures in such lovely weather. I plan on getting a lot of draft posts ready this upcoming week, so keep en eye out for those!

Till then, everyone have a lovely weekend! Cheers. 

Today’s Ride

2 responses to “Today’s Ride

  1. kaori

    Lovely photos! I am loving the abundance of green and flowers, definitely my favorite season in Israel. Have you tried eating those yellow mustard flowers? I only did because Yuval did, and was pleasantly surprised 🙂

  2. Thanks, yoush. I really feel in love with that purple one. It is so simple, but works. And again heard that about Spring being the bestest here. 😉 ….never tried the flower; didn’t know it was possible to eat it! thanks for the tip.

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