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Beyond The Scoot: Snow day!

Finally! It has happened! Snow!

(The photos was taken by a friend here at the kibbutz, as I left my camera in Rehovot.)

The past few days have been nonstop rain and wind, but this morning we finally had some snow on the ground! While it does snow here every now and then, it is a very rare occurrence for Israel. (Although, Northern Israel sees much more snow than the rest of the country. There is even a ski resort up there, and after a good snow up North almost every Israeli can be found there too.) It is so nice to see the landscape covered in white again, as it seems every other place in the world has been blessed with good amounts of snow this Winter. So, yay. Another day without  scooter rides (-now about 4 days, with all this rain and wind), but at least there is a trade off with so much beauty to take in and enjoy in this rare Israeli Winter Wonderland.

In other news, I found another one of those Sh*t People Say videos specific to Israel that I wanted to share here. This one is centered on [Jewish] English speakers who make Aliyah. I thought it was funny that this one also asked if anyone works in this country (-also found in the Tel Aviv version I posted earlier). Alas, enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

“My Mazda 3 cost the same as a BMW!”

Update, P.S. Here is a blog with amazing photos of various Israel Iconic Landmarks covered in Snow (and is a great blog about Israel as well): And also a fellow Vespa owner’s blog with a photo of his vespa covered in snow from today:

Another Update, Here is another photo blog with pictures from Jerusalem’s snow day today, showing how the snow let everyone forget where they were for the day and just revel in their happiness:

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A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

6 responses to “Beyond The Scoot: Snow day!

  1. Wow I don’t think I’ve ever seen snow in Jerusalem. Thanks for sharing.

    • Of course. It has been four years since the last snow in the Jerusalem area, so it was a new state of things for a lot of people! Thanks for stopping by again!

  2. kaori

    That’s awesome you got some snow where you live! I had to drive about an hour to get to the snow (Golan Heights) but it was totally worth it.
    And I love the video! It made me laugh 🙂

    • I wanted to mention that my partner is also from a kibbutz! Ma’ale Hachamisha, near Abu Gosh (-“the place to get hummus”). Although at first I felt a bit limited in activities, I am really glad he is from there. It is so beautiful and will be a good place to have kiddos someday. Kibbutz for the win! = )

  3. I didn’t know you would get snow there…shows my ignorance:) Beautiful pictures.

  4. Dew

    Reblogged this on MentalManna and commented:
    The video is pretty spot on…!

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