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Vespa Vantage Views: Judean Hills

These photos were taken the weekend after I bought the ‘ol Vepsa. Shot outside of Kibbutz Ma’ale Hachamisha (30 minutes outside of Jerusalem), on a nearby side street leading towards several treasure troves of state parks and Judean Mountain range views. Plus the Muslim Village below the kibbutz, Abu Gosh, has the best hummus around! Every Saturday, Israelis from all over the country make their way there to eat in one of the many restaurants. I’ll make sure to do a Vespa Adventure post for Abu Gosh and surrounding area when the weather is better. Note:Here in Rehovot, the weather is completely different beast than the weather up in the mountains. Winter is pretty harsh in Jerusalem and other Judean Mountain villages. The cold is a very strong ‘wet’ cold that gets right to your bones. When you leave the higher altitudes, things become much more comfortable. If you visit during the Winter here, you’ll be shocked at how cold it is.  

I had to include the shot with the blurred Vespa in the background, because I just really like it- even if it isn’t the best photo. I like to think of the shot as capturing the Vespa in its “natural habitat”. Silly is as silly does, but I still find it rather charming. Hope all is well for you and happy riding! 

About kaie w. bird

A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

4 responses to “Vespa Vantage Views: Judean Hills

  1. musicalmutterings ⋅

    I want a Vespa! I was so impressed the numbers of them I waw in Florence and that women represented at least half of the drivers. It’s a shame that here in the States, they have not caught on as a mode of transportation.

    • The upcoming gas prices might help you convert to a vespa driver soon enough! Ha. I have only seen one fellow lady out riding here since I bought mine, which makes me a bit sad. (But I was so happy to see her!) If you can remember, do you know if any of the women there were wearing heels or skirts when riding (-if they were drivers, not passengers)? I have been to Italy, but I can’t remember this specific detail.

      • musicalmutterings ⋅

        They were definitely in skirts and heels! As for owning one, the problem is that in New England (northeast US), I could only ride it about 4 out of 12 months.

  2. Ah, then it might not be a good investment? It was one factor that helped my decision to get one much easier since the weather here is generally sort of like Southern Cali. I did live in the Seattle area once, and that is one place I would have a lot of reservation about getting a new vespa. But I have found a lot of people around there who have blogs and seem not to let all that rain stop them! If you ever do want to think about it more, there are quite a few scooter clubs and web sites specific to your area that would help you with details. (To be sure, I don’t know if I would own one in the states either. I already have a Prius there and not sure if I need something else.) Otherwise, they sure are fine to look at! = )

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