Vespa Vantage Views: Judean Hills

These photos were taken the weekend after I bought the ‘ol Vepsa. Shot outside of Kibbutz Ma’ale Hachamisha (30 minutes outside of Jerusalem), on a nearby side street leading towards several treasure troves of state parks and Judean Mountain range views. Plus the Muslim Village below the kibbutz, Abu Gosh, has the best hummus around! Every Saturday, Israelis from all over the country make their way there to eat in one of the many restaurants. I’ll make sure to do a Vespa Adventure post for Abu Gosh and surrounding area when the weather is better. Continue reading

Vespa’s Big Screen Cameos

I saw this video over on the SCOOTIN’ OLD SKOOL Blog, here on WordPress, and wanted to share it here with y’all:

The video itself comes from YouTube user MartinRacingPerf (, who has made a lot of good little videos about various scooter details. (But this movie montage above is my favorite.)

Now, this is one product placement item I don’t mind being forced to see! Bring on the Vespas, Hollywood, I dare ya!