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Vespa Camera Experiment

Trying to be resourceful this weekend and save a bit of money,

I went about putting bits and pieces together to create a makeshift vespa camera harness so that I could try and film rides. I took a mini tri-pod stand, some rope and headed down to see if I could fashion something stable enough to record rides with the camera I already had. After looking up helmet cameras and finding the starting price at around $150, I wanted to see if there way a way I could use the tools around me to make something work just as well. (And save $150 plus!)

I was pretty happy with how stable the camera ending up being, but I need to tweak the specifics a bit more so that the bumps don’t translate into the filming as much as they did without adding some “shock-ware” around the base of the tri-pod.  Since I wasn’t sure if my camera would last in its place (-and wouldn’t go flying off on some random turn), I made sure to try it out on Shabbat(Saturday) when there is virtually no traffic. So if mistakes did occur, it wouldn’t effect anyone but me and my poor camera. (To note, I did make sure to tie the rope well enough and do a few test runs before heading out on the open roads to make sure it was secure enough.) I think the overall design idea is pretty great and can work, but I need to figure out how better secure the camera for bumps and wind speeds that, with the current design, effect the filming too much.

I went ahead and uploaded the film that was recorded from the testing of the camera harness, but it only to show how the test went and how it worked for filming the ride (which wasn’t that good):

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A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

2 responses to “Vespa Camera Experiment

    • I have been looking online at the different options (including mounts)… but haven’t quite decided just yet. I am really impressed with the helmet camera footage I’ve seen on youtube from a few of those types of camera. I think it would be great to get some footage of rides and show off Israel in a different light on this blog. We shall see… thanks a lot again!

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