Scotter Attire: Urban Mod

The Spring Scarf,

As the weather has been warming up and the days here are filled with more and more sunshine, I have been changing up my scooter attire towards a more breathable essence. The main item I’ve changed has been from the heavier, winter scarf for a lighter and looser one that allows movement and air flow during the ride.  With the airy scarf you add a touch of class to your ensemble that evokes images of jubilation, and I can’t help but think about the following images when out riding,

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Vespa Camera Experiment

Trying to be resourceful this weekend and save a bit of money,

I went about putting bits and pieces together to create a makeshift vespa camera harness so that I could try and film rides. I took a mini tri-pod stand, some rope and headed down to see if I could fashion something stable enough to record rides with the camera I already had. After looking up helmet cameras and finding the starting price at around $150, I wanted to see if there way a way I could use the tools around me to make something work just as well. (And save $150 plus!) Continue reading