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Scooter Keys, Flare, and Hardware.

The Dos and Don’ts of Keychain Flare for Your Scooter,

You are most likely thinking this is a silly topic for me to cover, but I have found that being a minimalist (-when it comes to your keychain hardware) is the best way to go for your scooter keys and riding safely. Above is a photo of my keys that I took in December and have since changed around, since I realized that one of the key clips (the blue one) wasn’t reliable. I happened to be out driving, in the mist of heavy traffic, when all the sudden I realized that the clip had fallen off and (somehow luckily) landed near my shoes on the vespa footboard. (I really considered myself lucky because on this key ring was the alarm control, and without this control I wouldn’t be able to ride the scooter without the alarm going off.) I have now taken off the old, blue clip and found a more reliable keychain ring to use in its place. You need to choose hardware for your scooter keys with care and attention: you must know that they will last and be reliable.  

As you notice from the photo, you see two keys there. The main blue Vespa key and the other one is the big black lock key that has a light installed. Putting these two keys together just makes since, if you happen to use your lock a lot. I only lock mine up when I have it at home, so it helps to have it around on the keychain and not have to look for it every time. I also have my alarm control on there, along with a little Koosh Ball.  (I loved Koosh balls as a child and with it being so soft, it isn’t a bother as a keychain.) With the alarm control, I tried moving it around from my different key sets but found that it had to be placed here. I seem to always be upsetting my alarm, so not having it on the main keychain set was more of a hassle than anything else for me. If you don’t have an alarm, good. If you do and your’s is as sensitive and moody as mine is, then keep it around and handy because you’ll need it. (I’ll write soon about the pros and cons of installing an alarm system.)

I mentioned key sets above because there would just be too much if I added my house keys to this jumble, so I keep them separate. You don’t want a lot of weight on your scooter keychain set because the more things you place there, to more opportunities for those things to scratch your scooter out on those bumpy roads. Even a softer item can eventually lead to ware and tear because of the repetitive swaying it does while you drive. Also if you do put a lot of keychain flare on, you’ll soon notice the chips in the paint around where your keys hang. So think bare, minimalist when it comes to your scooter keychains and leave that flare elsewhere.

As for the hardware,

The main keychain tips to remember: 

  • Don’t use cheap hardware on your scooter keychain set. It will not last and you could lose it while out riding.
  • Use only hardware you trust and know you can depend on for your scooter keys.
  • Only put the things you really need on this key set. Never put your house key here. Also, keep the keychain flare for other key sets.
  • If you have an alarm system, you might need to leave the control on your scooter key set- depends on your system. Make sure to secure this well.
 Follow the tips above, and you’ll never have to worry about losing bits and pieces along the roads when your out riding, and the confidence you’ll have, knowing you can place all your focus on enjoying the ride,  will be all the flare you’ll need!

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A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

One response to “Scooter Keys, Flare, and Hardware.

  1. Yes…. you were really lucky on not losing your alarm system!!!! I can’t imagine what a horrible day it would have been!!! I’m happy everything worked fine.

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