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Beyond the Scoot: D.I.Y. Cappuccino at Home.

I am going to introduce a new feature to the blog today called, “Beyond The Scoot”. While most of my post have some tie-in to the business of scooting (Vespa Lifestyle), some of them might confuse you as to why the appear on this blog. Although you might not think DIY Cappuccinos have anything to do with scooter, the money you save from spending it at cafes can go towards gas and more adventures out riding. I usually don’t write from Friday through Sunday, so these days will most likely feature the “Beyond The Scoot” post if they do show up. Somehow, I’ll tie it all together in the end and you’ll have some handy, dandy information that can be of  some use.

The magic that makes it all happen is, 

a french press.

I know myself how important the coffee culture is for some people and understand how a good cup of coffee can absolutely make your day. Since I have been living here in Israel, I have found that the coffee culture here (while alive and kicking) is completely different from the cafe style at home. Going out for coffee is almost an event for me and I want to be able to stay and enjoy it, without being rushed or having the feeling that I’ve overstayed my welcome.

Coffee here seems more of an afterthought, as many places locals go for coffee are full-on restaurants where you feel silly for ordering only your little cup of coffee. Plus, as with the stateside coffee houses, coffee here is not cheap. Often times you’ll find that you just paid 20 NIS for your drink and it taste horrible. So, the main question is how to still have quality, cafe style coffee and bypass the mess of having to return to cafes that don’t offer the coffee culture that you seek?

Do-It-Yourself Cappuccino at Home! 

 All you need is a french press, the coffee grounds of your choice, your cute coffce cup, and whatever you like to add to your coffee

(sugar, dairy product, cocoa or cinnamon to sprinkle on at then end, ECT).

How do you do it? 

The most important thing is the steps with the french press, as this is where you get the froth milk for the cappuccino. (Otherwise it is the normal steps you already do to make your coffee.)

First you make your cup of coffee as you normally would:

* boil the water,

*put your coffee grounds (and sugar) in your cup,

*add the water and stir till you have your coffee.

*If you use a machine or other system to get these basic steps, then do whatever your normal process is to get your cup of coffee.

*It all depends on your taste, but I add in a little extra milk in here, since I like a lot of milk in my coffee, that I didn’t froth.

Now, the French Press Magic: 

*Take your dairy product and fill the press about 1/4 full,

*Make sure the press is microwave safe (-if not just pour the milk in a microwave safe cup to heat, then pour into the press) and heat the milk up in the microwave for about 30 to 50 seconds- stop it before it starts to bubble over.

*Take out the press and put on the top and start pressing the milk till you have your desired froth texture.

*Pour the froth over your coffee and stir it in and enjoy your creation however you want and for as long as you please!

       (To keep your cup of coffee warm, go ahead and heat the press, with the milk, while you are making your coffee.)

       Here is a you tube video for it that I found, sorry for quality,

 When all is said and done, I can make one of these cappuccinos at home for under 3 shekels (under $1.00) now and have it be utter perfection. Since I like to have one in the morning and usually one after I come in from a long ride on the Vespa in the afternoon, making these cappuccinos at home has saved me quite a lot of money. I hope that you will be able to use the information above and save yourself a few shekels too. Enjoy your coffee.

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A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

2 responses to “Beyond the Scoot: D.I.Y. Cappuccino at Home.

  1. Wow, I never thought to use the French press as a frother! I use my French press every day, so I’ll try it tomorrow morning!

    • I have made some top notch cappuccinos via the french press and have loved using it as a frother (saved a good amount of shekels now as well). I hope it worked as well for you! = )

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