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Shabbat Shalom and 50 Snow Plows.

Thinking about a trip to the beach today,

There’s a storm brewing ’round these parts! And everyone around here has been talking about it since Monday. The quiet before the storm has left us with a nice and sunny morning thus far in Rehovot, but in a few short hours everyone expects all kinds of havoc throughout the country. It has been a bit funny to see how every city is reacting to and preparing for the impending weather this whole week:

Haaretz says,

“The Jerusalem municipality said it has 50 snowplows on standby, as well as dispensers equipped with 65 tons of salt. The city has also beefed up its 106 emergency hotline, and a decision on whether to hold school on Sunday will be made that morning based on the weather. The city also reminded residents that water taps should be left slightly open to prevent the pipes from exploding due to the cold.”


In other news,

I know this meme has been over for a bit now, as anyone with a camera made their own version of it, but I just came across this one this morning and had to post it here. If you live in the states, think of Portland or Brooklyn as the American equivalent, if you need to know the types of people attracted to this city. Tel Aviv did just ‘win’ the title of Best Gay City in world though, so that is pretty fabulous (-according to a recent survey conducted by American Airlines and The one that sings truest to me in this version is the, “Does anyone work around here?!”  I use to often wonder this myself after seeing a nonstop flow of traffic to coffee shops and other leisure activities, but never saw any of these folks working. Ever. The things is that people here work, all the time, but…. it just doesn’t appear as such. (The cost of living here is beyond outrageous and doesn’t align with the hourly wages most workers are paid. For example, a candy they make here in Israel cost more HERE than it is sold for in Brooklyn. What sense does that make? Israelis aren’t the best consumers.) Back from the tangent train, I think you’ll enjoy the common expressions of Tel Aviv Hipsters below:

And since this is a Vespa blog, a little Vespa Israel Club love,

Check them out here,

Happy Friday and have a good weekend! If you’re in Israel, keep warm and be safe- if it gets crazy out there! Shabbat Shalom.

(News article, in Hebrew, about the cost of candy made here in Israel costing more than in the states, a 200% increase: 

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