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Vespa Adventures, Holon*

The Cactus Garden of Yehudit Naot Neighborhood,

Today we were in Holon for a meeting over at the Ministry of Interior. It was our second time to this office, so I knew this time to bring my camera. The meeting didn’t go as planned last trip and I needed a space that was comforting after that ordeal and offered some calm. It was my first trip then to the area, so we weren’t expecting anything near what we soon found: the Cactus Garden. Right there in plain sight and no one seemed to even know it was there! ‘Hidden’ off the main street so well that during that first visit , we were the only ones in the little park. Housed there are some of the most beautiful plants I’ve seen in this country, all cozy in that one place. There are a few levels to hide away in and let the day pass you by with the company of a good book, or if needed, just a break from the Israel outside the walls. It is small enough to not be overwhelmed, while at the same time being big enough to find plenty to do for a good hour or two- if you forgot your book at home. There are many different sitting areas, a charming little waterfall and even a little bathroom for visitors. (If you don’t want to use those facilities, you can cross the street and head over to the Ministry of Interior and use their first floor Superb facilities. You will have to go through security, but that bathroom is worth it if you plan on being in the garden for a longer time.) I felt a real sense of peace in that little garden, so I was so happy to be able to go back there after our meeting today. With my camera in stow this time,

To enlarge the photos, just click on them.

A now for a few facts,

The Cactus Garden in Holon includes over 4,500 species of rare and exotic cacti from all over the world, a waterfall and sculptures from Israeli Artists.


“The Cacti Garden in Holon is a celebration for any cacti lover. Here, at the Cacti Garden in Holon, on an area of almost 6 dunams, you will find types of cacti which you will find nowhere else in the country. The well-kept collection includes hundreds of cacti of every shape, size and shade. These arrived here from all over the world and received a proper home in the eastern part of the city of Holon. And in order to complete the atmosphere, the garden’s paths are decorated with sculptures. One can walk around in Holon’s Cacti Garden independently or book a guided tour in advance. And if you are already here, it is very much recommended to visit the nearby Japanese Garden. Arrival atHolon’s Cacti Garden: 85 Jerusalem Avenue (at the corner with Moshe Sharet Street).”

Something about this garden really stands out for me. There are endless possibilities to capture beauty there. It seems that only older couples and friends visit the garden, so you are likely to have it all to yourself and enjoy the break from that world beyond the walls. At least, for a little bit of time.

For more information about the Garden, 

The cactus garden in the town of Holon is named after Yehudit and Naum Arazi.
The garden is located at the corner of Jerusalem Ave. and Moshe Sharet St. and spread over 5.5 dunams (5500 m2).
Opening hours Sun.-Thur. 08:00-14:00, Sat. 10:00-14:00*.

*The garden is closed during the summer months from 15 of June until Sukkot (beginning to mid October).
For guided tours call Garden and Landscape Department, Holon Municipality, Tel: 03-5027422 fax: 03-5017115


There is parking. / Animals are prohibited. /There is  disabled access.

There are  public bathrooms in the park (-off to the far back corner of the park , coming from Jerusalem Bld.).

Free Admission. 


The Cactus and Succulent Society of Israel,

Here is a clip of the garden, via photos, that might interest you (although it s editing kind of gave me a headache):

And a great  site with info about the architecture of Israel,

Love to hear some of your thoughts below!

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