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Scooter Attire: Flare

City vs Highway Style,

         I get caught in a space sometimes that I know other scooterists must know well that concerns your scooter attire and what is appropriate or not.  Mostly, appropriate means [to me] wearing safe, protective gear. It makes sense in the winter to wear all the those heavier layers, since you need the warmth. But what happens as those warmer spring and summer months start approaching and those layers just aren’t as comfortable? Do you (and can you) compromise safety for more breathable clothes in those warmer month? Should you? 

It all depends on where exactly you plan to scoot. Which is where the whole Highway vs. City attire comes into play. You aren’t going to want to wear that stuffy jacket out in all that sunshine, if you don’t have to! You can have the same stylish outfit hidden underneath and just change up what you wear over it when you hop on the scooter depending upon where you’re headed.

If you know that any of your driving is going to be focused on roads that are higher speeds and outside the city areas, then you want to wear items shown in the ‘Highway Attire’ photo above. It just makes sense at those speeds to protect your body. The main differences with these accessories are,

a. that the helmet has a visor and offers better head protection and wind/bug protection,

b. the jacket is heavier and better at restricting wind and offers better protection for your person.

With the ‘City Attire’, you are allowed:

a. a little more comfort with breathable clothes for the warm weather while traveling on those main city roads,

b. the helmet used here is completely open, very visible and just happens to be super stylish while protecting your noggin’,

c. the jacket is now a lose, windbreaker that allows tons of air to flow between your other layers, while also still protecting you from the sun.

As you can clearly see, both choices let me keep those boots, which is important too.

To note: When I first wrote about ‘Scooter Attire: Essentials’, I hadn’t been able to wear the red helmet out and wasn’t sure of the differences between helmets. I have since been all over, city and highway, with that helmet and can say that it was not made to wear on the highway. Since there is no visor or face covering at all, more of the materials from the road/cars are able to reach my face directly. Ouch. Also, I’ve noticed that the wind reaches my eyes and they responded by watering up. This isn’t the best for vision at all. At all. So, I have stopped wearing that helmet now when I know I will be going outside the city, at higher speeds. Make sure that you know your helmet and what it can both offer and limit, in terms of protection. Always go with the better choice when it comes to this particular accessory.

(I have never really discussed the whole pants option, because I’ll just leave that up to you. I keep to mostly jeans, but have been known to wear leggings- not that bright, I know.)

There are chances that you are taking with changing up your attire, since accidents can happen anywhere. It all comes down to your personal choice and how you choose to show off your own protective, scooting style when out on the roads. Although it is nice not to sweat so much when it isn’t as necessary. Whatever you do, practice safe and alert driving to keep scratches off your scooter and your person.

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A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

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