Scooter Attire: Flare

City vs Highway Style,

         I get caught in a space sometimes that I know other scooterists must know well that concerns your scooter attire and what is appropriate or not.  Mostly, appropriate means [to me] wearing safe, protective gear. It makes sense in the winter to wear all the those heavier layers, since you need the warmth. But what happens as those warmer spring and summer months start approaching and those layers just aren’t as comfortable? Do you (and can you) compromise safety for more breathable clothes in those warmer month? Should you?  Continue reading

Vespa Adventures, Holon*

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The Cactus Garden of Yehudit Naot Neighborhood, Today we were in Holon for a meeting over at the Ministry of Interior. It was our second time to this office, so I knew this time to bring my camera. The meeting didn’t go as planned last trip and I needed a space that was comforting after that ordeal and… Read more.