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3 responses to “Oy Vey!

  1. Be carefullllll!!!!!!!!!!!

    It reminded me of a workshop of flight safety… there’s an idea of psychological allowance… the way human beings slowly approach a dangerous situation while growing a stronger sense of safety… Pilots like to use motorcycle as an example. Imagine you just bought your first motorcycle and you are going home, they say… There is this turn in some avenue and you make it very carefully, a moderate speed and a reasonable inclination. But then you start enjoying this and you know you can make it a little faster, a little bit more inclined… which is also a lot more fun… And then the process go on, slowly, until the time you are usually employing an absurd speed and having to incline almost horizontally. And then the accident happens.

    It is a strong process. May be it has to do with the accident with the italian ship – a captain with, until then, a perfect safety record is also a perfect victim of this mental trap.

    So yes, may be crossing some limits sometimes is nice, but next time you want to go over some limit, you cannot believe the border line has changed from the previous position!!!

    Stay alive 🙂

  2. And then there’s pure bad luck – riding on a dry morning which suddenly pours down in rain, the diesel oil previously dried up over the hot days melting into a sweltering pool of horror in the middle of the road… and then down you go with the bike as you turn (at a very reasonable speed, I might add), finding yourself in a tussle with the tarmac below…

    Funnily enough, it makes me want to ride more. Viva la Vespa!

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