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I found another ladyvespa while searching the depths of the bloggin’ vespa scene,

I highly suggest checking out her blog and combing through her archive. 

During all my searching throughout the web in the scooter community,  I found it to be mainly dominated  by male bloggers and writers.

I couldn’t find the types of articles I wanted to read, with the focuses that I had an interest in learning about. It isn’t as if I am looking for the Vespa Wife’s Guide to Superb Housekeeping or anything crazy like that, I just wanted to find a space out there that remembered that we existed.

And remembered that we don’t take a back seat anymore.

The ScooterLust blog writes from a prospective that I can relate to as a fellow ladyvespa.  I believe that the author contributes an extremely needed feminine narrative to this whole Vespa scene. Her blog is a great example why I created mine and some of the goals I had in mind when I set this blog up.

The location that I am writing from also brings an interesting perspective and focus to my blog. I have yet to see another woman riding when I’ve been out and this culture is definitively not lacking in a scooter/motorcycle scene.  I am based in Rehovot, which is a pretty liberal university town outside of Tel Aviv, so there shouldn’t be a reason for the lack of women on scooters and motorcycles.  While I like seeing a look of surprise on people’s face when the realize it’s a woman driving, I wonder about the gender politics at play here in Israel that possibly deny the local ladies to even consider such a thought as owning their own scooter. I am pretty sure it isn’t a decent thing to do for such delicate women, and I plan on playing with this norm (-this expectation) during my adventures soon enough. Maybe it just isn’t a practical option for woman who would rather wisely invest in a vehicle that provides more functionality than a scooter would. Regardless, I plan to investigate this topic here also.

These are the types of feminine narratives I want to read and write. There is an inclusion that I know these sorts of topics will allow in the scooter community and deserve a space there.

 I hope you enjoy both Scooter Lust’s blog and mine.

“See a need, fill a need.”

Love to hear some of your thoughts below!

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