Vespa Lifestyle:

 Hipsterdom, with Lovely Cali Views.

You got to put up with a lot of [horrible] hipsterness in this little vimeo video, but it is worth it to see some of the sites they feature of California. They discuss their musings about vespanomics and bathe in the ocean.  While it is a great many things, it is also one great example of what I mean when I say “Vespa Lifestyle”. Just nix all of that hispterdom.

From the website:

 A recap of the Vespa sponsored tour from artists Jason Reeves, Brendan James and Amber Rubarth.

In the midst of these deeply troubling times, every day people are joining forces to make a real and positive difference in the world.We have reached a critical “tipping” point. Our thoughts, choices and actions impact the world directly every minute of every day. We cannot satiate every impulse, satisfy every craving and at the same time pretend we are working towards world peace or saving the earth. The time to do something is NOW.

THE VESPA EXPERIMENT’S primary mission is to send a message to stop global warming by using the power of music. The three musicians will ride Vespas up the California Coast, honoring the natural beauty of the West and performing at traditional (club) venues, as well as on mountaintops, beaches and town centers. For two weeks they will engage their fans in thought-provoking ways, through music and honest dialog, while living as simply as possible by camping along the way. In a modern twist, they will film a documentary as they travel, posting daily footage to the web so fans at home can follow along. Fans will be able to communicate with the artists in a communal dialog as they seek to change the world together.

I found another ladyvespa while searching the depths of the bloggin’ vespa scene,

I highly suggest checking out her blog and combing through her archive. 

During all my searching throughout the web in the scooter community,  I found it to be mainly dominated  by male bloggers and writers.

I couldn’t find the types of articles I wanted to read, with the focuses that I had an interest in learning about. It isn’t as if I am looking for the Vespa Wife’s Guide to Superb Housekeeping or anything crazy like that, I just wanted to find a space out there that remembered that we existed.

And remembered that we don’t take a back seat anymore.

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