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Full Tank and Ready to Go!

Fuel and Mileage:

When I bought the Vespa it had around 6,000 kilometers on it and I have since refueled it three times now. In the two previous tanks I cleared about 347 km, by way of 10 or so liters total. Which is about 35 km to the liter (about 2.9 L per 100 km, or 82 miles per gallon) for those two fill ups.  As I write this my brain is fighting with me to make sense of it in gallons and miles, but I am fighting to keep on with the metric system. I had to fill ‘er up again today and made sure to take note of the what, when andwheres as to better document for the blog. I needed only 4.4 liters to set me back at a full tank and the total rang up to 32.05 NIS. At the current USD to NIS rate, the amount I paid for a full tank was $8.37! The Official Vespa website says that all you need to drive is $9 for the tank, so they are spot on with their claim. I will keep track of the mileage better this tank and post the results when I next fill ‘er up.

P.S. Offical Vespa site,


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