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Why a Vespa? Why now? Why Israel?


First off, I am quite a silly person who believes in silly things. I tend to be a bit eccentric in my taste, but I think all Vespa owners  have this trait in common- to some extent. I believe in those “right time, right place” kind of moments and have experienced many of these happenings in my own life. So when I found the Vespa advertisement, I knew that it more than just coincidence. Serendipity at its finest. It wasn’t that I had decided to start looking for a vehicle or a Vespa, let along made a plan to buy and invest in such an important item while here in Israel- at least yet. But sometimes a choice, or decision,  just feels right and you have to choose to embrace it and see where it takes you.

Back story:  As it is, I am am American and have been living here with my Israeli partner. I have a Prius back at home and love to drive (with a passion) when I am there to drive it. I have also been traveling internationally on and off for the past 6 years, so I can do without having the immediate satisfaction of having a personalvehicle at my disposal to get around on. Yet, as I have started planting some roots here in Israel, I have noticed how much I miss having my own vehicle to use at my pleasure. And while the bus system here in Israel is really great and inexpensive, sometimes you just really want to have your own car to do what you will and go where you like. I have been really hesitant to purchase a car here in Israel because both the responsibility it entitles and also because cars here are much more expense then their state-side equivalent. It just simply costs too much money to get a used car right now, and don’t even get me started on the prices of new cars with the VAT and taxes. Thus, I have mostly relied on my partner’s father’s car to use when we really need a car and use public transportation otherwise. We were living a a more remote area outside of Jerusalem (a kibbutz), but have moved into a city with the start of the new university year. I have been using my bike(bicycle) to navigate around the city streets or just walk to the place I am going, as Rehovot is great for both of those activities.  Living in the city has made the need of having a car less important than it was at the kibbutz, but I still felt the urge and need to have the freedom that only comes from being out on the open road.

Fast forward to last December when I was reading an article on and saw a side ad for an “Israeli Craigslist” webpage with various used things for sale. I have never before seen this site or visited it previously, so I kind of felt that the whole “right time, right place” spiel is spot on here.  The fact that the Vespa was red just made it more apparent that it would soon my mine, as red is my lucky colour.  I spoke with the owner and discussed the details while also talking over the idea of buying it with my partner- who already knew I made up my mind and was sold from the moment I saw it online. It is a 2008 model and had just right under 6,000 kilometers on it (wow!) and seemed to be in perfect shape when I went to see it in Jerusalem.

And so a month later, here I find myself writing this now on the new blog and really hoping the rain lets up by tomorrow so I can go out on another adventure. = )

Basic Version of all that up there,

Why a Vespa? It can get me from point A to point B without much fuss. While driving a car, here, would be a good deal of fuss. And the Vespa is so “Green” while being so Red. = )

Why now? Because it just kind of seemed like it was suppose to be mine. I have tossed about the idea of purchasing a car for about a year now and just haven’t felt good about that type of purchase. The Vespa was a great deal and I didn’t feel much hesitance towards buying it- which was important to me.

Why Israel? When I was traveling in Italy I thought that the best way to soak in their culture would be to “do as the Romans do”. Although my dream to take a Vespa throughout the [Italian] countryside hasn’t happened so far, I hope one day I can find a way to Vespa with the best of them. You kind of have these ideas floating around in the back of your mind, but don’t ever really see yourself acting them out because, while they are fabulous ideas, they don’t always add up correctly in the end. In the States, I couldn’t  justify the decision to buy one. While here in Israel, it just makes sense.


P.S. Of course there were many bumps along the way during the purchase. Israeli bureaucracy has been such a pleasure to experience. Ahem. But that is another blog for another day. Stay tuned!

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A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

One response to “Why a Vespa? Why now? Why Israel?

  1. kaori

    Hi and shalom! I don’t own a Vespa but I’ve always been a fan, and I’d be tempted to get one if I didn’t live in a kibbutz (where it’s either bicycles inside or cars outside… you can probably imagine). I’m so happy to find a fellow foreigner living in Israel. I will definitely be checking back again 🙂

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