Vespa Essentials for Your Person,

When you are putting yourself out there to face the elements head, on you want to be sure and dress smart. This is a basic guide to all of the essential items* to keep your person safe and protected from the elements and in general.

The List, in order of importance and necessity:

Helmet: By far the most important accessories when riding your Vespa. These are the two helmets that came with my Vespa, but I prefer the LS2 CRUISER(white) since it offers more protection. It covers the back of the head and upper neck area better than the red helmet and also provides protection for your eyes with the visor. I am not sure what helmet I would buy for myself if these weren’t included in the deal, but I know that having the face visor is really important and useful when driving outside the city. As I am still trying to gain my confidence on Israel roads, I prefer the heavy duty helmet that offers better protection in case of an accident. I see one helmet as being very practical for city driving while the other is better for faster, highway driving. The red one is a  VCAN V531 Cruiser and I have yet to wear this out.  Be sure to get your helmet properly fit for your head and always wear it when riding your Vespa! It can save your life. Continue reading

Why a Vespa? Why now? Why Israel?


First off, I am quite a silly person who believes in silly things. I tend to be a bit eccentric in my taste, but I think all Vespa owners  have this trait in common- to some extent. I believe in those “right time, right place” kind of moments and have experienced many of these happenings in my own life. So when I found the Vespa advertisement, I knew that it more than just coincidence. Serendipity at its finest. It wasn’t that I had decided to start looking for a vehicle or a Vespa, let along made a plan to buy and invest in such an important item while here in Israel- at least yet. But sometimes a choice, or decision,  just feels right and you have to choose to embrace it and see where it takes you. Continue reading

Bloggin’ Vespa

Bloggin’ Vespa is a feature of this sire that directs you to some of the best vespa sites out there on the web. If you want vespa fanfare, you found it! Click through some of the links below, 

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